New Wombat Loop

There’s over 100 km of single track in the forest surrounding Woodend, and this particular area in Wombat Forest ticks all the boxes. The ‘New Wombat Loop’ is the latest addition to the network. Weave and flow through this fully maintained trail which has been armoured for year round riding by the local Wombat Mountain Bike Club. Once you’re here explore the vast expanse of trails within the forest or nearby trails in the foothills of Macedon Regional Park.

Distance 17 km
Elevation 62m
Ride Time 1h 20min

Woodend, Mount Macedon by dirt

There’s plenty of ways up and down Mount Macedon on a mountain bike. If you feel like a detour, look out for the network of single trails off Bawden Rd. Arriving at Mount Macedon Road, take a right turn down Anzac Rd and at the Reservoir, cut across to the Zig Zag Track, over Barringo Rd, then single trail to Lions Head Rd. Once on Cameron Drive, look out for Chapmans Rd to the right and single trail over to Turner Avenue before your descent back down to complete the loop.

Distance 24.2 km
Elevation 759m
Ride Time 1h 30min

Woodend, Firth Park return

Clock up some distance through thick bushland, remote dirt roads and great undulating 4WD tracks. At the 5km mark, turn off Ashbourne into Dafter Rd, cross over Campaspe River and look out for the single trail to take you from Flemming Road to Taylor Rd. Then, look out for the single trail connection between Anderson Mill Track and Firth Road cut over to Firth Park. On the return leg, Fingerpost Road, and Slatey Creek Road are spectaular dirt roads.

Distance 36.5 km
Elevation 490m
Ride Time 1h 55min

Redesdale MTB Track

Mt Lofty Bushland Reserve just west of Redesdale has a 16 km cross-country circuit that's rated easy to medium difficulty. It's usually much drier here than around Woodend and is worth the drive when the Wombat is muddy. There are no direction signs or arrows there yet so either go with a mate who knows where to ride, or take a GPS unit with the route saved, or just go exploring.

About 40 min from Woodend.

Maldon, Mount Tarrengower DH Tracks

There are 4 tracks to choose from at Mt Tarrengower – 2 intermediate tracks, 1 advanced track and 1 experts only track. These are Downhill tracks and require a good bike – preferably a Downhill/Gravity bike. All riders should wear full face helmets riding these tracks. Read more about Mount Tarrengower and our Maldon MTB Park Ride Days.