Maldon MTB Park – Mt Tarrengower

Maldon, Mt Tarrengower, is an exceptionally beautiful place. It has free camping and is only 5 mins by car from Maldon's town centre. The mountain sits at 570 meters above sea level and provides great views of surrounding areas – especially from the lookout tower up on top. The height, terrain and climate provide perfect conditions for Downhill Gravity riding. The warm climate makes for great riding all-year-round – even in winter months.

In 2010 a meeting was called to discuss the closure of illegal mountain bike trails in the Mt Alexander region. Out of that meeting, with Parks Victoria, it was decided to better manage the trail network at Mt Tarrengower Maldon. Over the following years, $40,000 was spent along with hundreds of hours of volunteer time, maintaining the Downhill trails at Mt Tarrengower. We now hold regular shuttle ride days to fund maintenance and development of the trail network. Maldon is 100% funded by the ride days!




Ride Days

Maldon MTB Park, Mt Tarrengower, boasts the best, smoothest and quickest shuttles in Victoria! The road is bitumen all the way to the top, and takes about 5 mins from pick-up to drop-off. The Ride Days are staffed by volunteers and all track work and maintenance is 100% funded by the Ride Day fees.

There are 4 tracks to choose from – 2 intermediate tracks, 1 advanced track and 1 experts only track. These are Downhill tracks and require a good bike – preferably a Downhill/Gravity bike. All riders require a full face helmet to participate. Without one, you can't ride!

On the day, you get unlimited shuttles to the the top of the Mount, BBQ lunch and drinks.

Cost $45 per day (plus $5 for those without MTBA licence).

You can organise yourself a yearly MTBA licence with MTBA Membership, and avoid paying the extra $5 fee each Ride Day. Please bring your MTBA card or number on Ride Days





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