Figure 8 Grand loop

Consider this a serious training ride or set aside a full day out. This ride touches the boundaries of the Macedon Ranges on both sides of the Calder. Expect lots of interesting variations in landscape and you will truly get a sense of the whole region. Encounter wide open farmland, rolling granite rock hills, and some less travelled winding gum tree lined roads on your journey. Celebrate with a big meal in Kyneton as you return from this highly rewarding loop.

Distance 114.8 km
Elevation 1,452m
Ride Time 5h 15min

Gisborne, Sth Gisborne Barringo Loop

This ride takes you around the outskirts of Gisborne on quiet, remote roads. Travelling along some of the locals favourite routes, this ride delivers stunning views of Mount Macedon from many aspects, in particular as you wind up towards the township
of Macedon. Ride along the tranquil Glen Drouin Rd and down the popular Barringo Rd to finish.

Distance 48.1 km
Elevation 536m
Ride Time 2h 10min

Kyneton Landsfield Loop

If you’re up for a challenging ride through some of the lesser travelled parts of the region, this is for you.  Exiting Kyneton you’ll wind your way up Sidonia Rd. This narrow treelined road has a few challenging climbs but the granite rocks and views make it all worthwhile. Turn onto the famous Burke and Wills track and ascend the largest climb of the ride. Enjoy the views from the top before this stunning ride winds back down to Lancefield and home to Kyneton.

Distance 82.2 km
Elevation 924m
Ride Time 3h 45min

Kyneton, Springhill, Woodend, Carlsruhe Loop

This ride is a gradual ascent to Trentham East, with a few climbs to test the legs.  As with many rides in the region, the roads are spectacular and landscapes vary from turn to turn. You’re transported along thick tree lined roads to long, open stretches such as James Lane.  By the 30km mark most of the climbing is done and it’s a gradual downhill run to Woodend. Take a break at a café
or browse some shops before the final 30km to Kyneton.

Distance 69.4 km
Elevation 794m
Ride Time 3h 10min

Kyneton Twin Reservoirs

Take in the scenery through the flat open farmland along Lauriston Rd as you head out of Kyneton. Test the legs up the tree sheltered Shepherds Hill Road and be rewarded as you take in the stunning views as you descend toward the twin reservoirs. Perfect place to stop for a rest and take in the scenery surrounding this beautiful part of the region. Finish with a nice easy flat ride back into Kyneton.

Distance 29.3 km
Elevation 356m
Ride Time 1h 20min

Macedon Ranges Grand Tour

If you’re up for a challenge or a serious training ride, this loop will allow you to explore a number of the of key areas including Hanging Rock and the towns of Macedon, Woodend, Tylden and Trentham on your travels. Known as one of the harder climbs in the region, this ride takes in the south face of Mount Macedon early on and winds up to the Memorial Cross through lush forest, then down to the open roads below.

Distance 103.8 km
Elevation 1,437m
Ride Time 4h 30min

Mount Macedon, Newham to Carlsruhe Loop

This ride takes you part way up the Woodend side of Mount Macedon through tall eucalypts and a beautiful forest setting. Your efforts are rewarded with a satisfying descent down Straws Lane towards the iconic Hanging Rock. A challenging climb, wildlife and beautiful scenery is what you can expect. If you feel like it, after the village of Mount Macedon take the turn off to the Memorial Cross at the top of Mount Macedon for spectacular views.

Distance 40.3 km
Elevation 433m
Ride Time 1h 50min

Mount Macedon, Woodend Climb

Mount Macedon is naturally one of the highlights of the region. The northern side is considered the ‘easier’ of the two ascents but still a real challenge, even for the well rounded rider. As you make your way up the the climb, you are transported to another world as you navigate the winding roads through this lush forest. The views from the Memorial Cross are spectacular and tree lined roads take you back through the quaint township and outskirts
of Macedon back to Woodend.

Distance 42 km
Elevation 827m
Ride Time 1h 55min

The Cross and The Rock

Many riders travel to the region specifically to conquer Mount Macedon, if that sounds like your cup of tea, then this is the loop for you. Starting in Gisborne, you’ll climb the renowned south face of Mount Macedon, winding through the lush forest. Once on top, take in the views from the Memorial Cross before descending down to the iconic Hanging Rock. Stop in Woodend for a coffee break before the final leg back into Gisborne.

Distance 63.1 km
Elevation 1,038m
Ride Time 3h 00min

Three Town Scenic Route

Great from either direction, start this ride in Woodend. Enjoy the open farmland, tree lined country lanes and undulating leafy roads. This ride is relatively low gradeient apart from one climb at Shepherds Hill Road. A great opportunity to explore a large portion of the region in a single loop.

Distance 74 km
Elevation 808m
Ride Time 3h 20min

Woodend Carlsruhe Loop

Starting in Woodend, this ride takes you through two distinctly contrasting landscapes. Emmerse yourself in the tree lined Ashbourne Road which winds its way toward the equally bushy and protected rolling hills of Chanters Rd. As you approach Tylden, the landscape opens to wide expanses of farmland and views of the horizon in all directions. Have a bite to eat in Tylden, then with most of the climbing behind you, roll your way back for a coffee in Woodend.

Distance 40.1 km
Elevation 385m
Ride Time 1h 45min