About Russell Eckersley – Facilitator

A life of Mountain Biking was never what Russell Eckersley thought when he bought his first bike to make money as a bike courier back in 1996 but that first turn of the pedal started something rolling more than just the wheels of the bike and it hasn’t slowed down yet.

That passion in the saddle had Russell set his site for the horizon and disappear into the distance on a 6000km tour from Sydney to Darwin via Cairns followed with some other 2000 plus km, point to point bike tours,  that has taken him all the way around Australia, through deserts, forests, crocodile infested river crossing, open highways, remote towns and big cities, riding through the day and night and carrying everything required without a support crew.  These tours gave Russell the training and strength required to start racing Mountain Bikes and over the last 19 years of racing he has competed in 20 24hr races and 2 world championships, one in Cairnes and the other through invitation in Canada.

After moving to Woodend in 2003 and buying the local bike shop, Russell and his adventurous self ventured into the surrounding Wombat Forest and started making Mountain Bike trails.  Over the following years these trails extended from a small 5km loops to over 100kms of miandering single track trails that are visited by over 15000 each year.  These trails are the home of the renowned Wombat Track and the Wombat Moutain Bike Club who maintains these trails and of which Russell was President of from its conception, up until last year where he stepped down to concentrate and spend more time at Mount Tarrengower Maldon on the Downhill Trail network that he had been working on for the last 5 years.

When asked how Russell has managed to fit all of this into his life to date, he just smiles and says “it’s just like riding a bike”.


School Groups

Russell has guided many school groups through the Wombat Loop Track and beyond. Russells skills have been recognised by Melbourne Grammar’s outdoor education department where he was engaged to run a Winter riding and skills program, this has been going for the last 5 years. This program and its positive feedback has resulted in Russell running similar programs with 3 more schools. Call into the shop or check out our contact details here for more information.

The Bike Camp

Located in historic Maldon, The Bike Camp specializes in mountain and downhill bike riding. The camp is based at the Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp with bunk style accommodation and a fully catered dining facility. We can also cater to any special dietary requirements for any guests.

Goldfields Track

Many of us have grown up riding mountain bikes round in circles, be it at manicured MTB parks or in ever-popular 6, 12 or 24 endurance races.

The Goldfields Track is something entirely different. Originally formed by gold seekers in the 1850s, it is a point-to-point 200km mountain bike trail that takes you on a remote and challenging pedal through central Victoria and some of its most historic and beautiful towns.

The Goldfields Track is a natural bush track that can sometimes feel quite remote, although it passes through several towns and villages. The track is clearly signed with gold-topped marker posts and directional signage.  

Mt Tarrengower

Mount Tarrengower is a 550m mountain rising 200 metres above Maldon, Victoria. There are four distinct downhill mountain bike tracks on the eastern flank.

  • 2 intermediate tracks
  • 1 advanced track
  • 1 Experts Only track

The tracks are both rocky and smooth, with some rock gardens and several jumps (with easy to use ‘bypass trails’ at each jump).   Many of the trails have banked turns and you can pick up some descent speed.  Camp Facilitator Steve Taylor & Russell Eckersley will train and gear you up for Day 3,  where you can challenge yourself and build on your downhill skills. Support vehicles will be in constant use to ferry you back to the top.